In 1998 started a remarkable trend in the broadcast-scene in Austria. This was after the fall of the monopoly held by the one and only Austrian public broadcast service "ORF".

In the forthcoming years 14 independent and non-commercial community radio-stations were founded who meanwhile cover about 50% of the Austrian community with their programs. Community radios understand themselves open for the marginalized people and so also for handicapped people.

In late 2004 I sat the first time in a studio with two visually impaired youngsters, who were absolute enthusiastic radio listeners which took the chance to take part in a free DIY-radioworkshop for handicapped people.

The problem for those who donĀ“t see was instantly obvious to me and I grew the idea of StudioGuard in the upcoming year, when I built the first prototype.

In the years I developed several prototypes and tested them with blind friends, and I learned a lot about blind peoples view of the world and other aspects in their lives. One of which is, that blind people do not have much of a choice learning a profession to earn their own income, raise families and become full social members of society. Many of them are depended on social welfare and other support from the official side.

Most blind people have an enormous acoustic-sense, so it should be normal in a developing society, that visual impaired should also have the choice to learn becoming audio-producers, musicians, moderators, sound-designers in a vast developing multimedia world.

Thus it is hard to find support from the official side here in Austria, and politicians are rather lame in understanding, that this would be a win-win for everyone involved!

With this website I intend to reach the right people who hopefully are willing to support my vision and become partners.

In that sense: pleas do not hesitate to contact me via the mail-form on the left!

Thank you!