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WELCOME to STUDIOGUARD  audio technology for visually impaire

You don´t need to study audio-engineering to produce professional and clear sound

Most visually impaired people orientate in the spatial environment primarily by their acoustic sense, but with higher sonar awareness than sighted people.
This outstanding ability offers another great advantage: to become audio-professionals in any of the many multimedia branches, a musician, sound artist of any kind or even a composer.
Hundred-thousands of blind people worldwide love and play or even compose music, write literature which could become radio-plays or audiobooks. Only a few of those artists work as independent audio-producers, publishers, sound-designers or sound-engineers.

One of the reasons therefore is the fact, that displays on audio-mixing desks and

other relevant equipment are visual only. To produce professional audio-content it is absolutely necessary being able to read those parameters and settings.
The digital StudioGuard-System helps over those barriers by analyzing the audio-signal and translating the results in electronic braille-letters and speech-messages.

To complete the requirements for comfortable audio editing a well functioning shortcut controller for "Audacity" "StudioGuard Key", a hardware controller for the well known editing software has recently reached the point of final configurations.

This is my first homemade web-appearance which is still under construction.
Soon you will find more detailed information about the project and the above mentioned versions of StudioGuard here! Please feel free to send sugestions or contact me if you have questions.

If you are interested in learning more about StudioGuard, please contact me via the mail-form left.

Please watch these short videos for more audiovisual details

* SG-NANO volume analyzer:

* SG-KEY USB controller:

* SG-FREE volume analyzer (also for sighted)

Thank you!

Marcus C. Diess


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